If you’ve done some Hispanic online dating you’ve probably noticed that with sites like Latin American Cupid you get the most women contacting you when you first log on and then it starts to drop the longer you’ve been logged on. I used to think most Hispanic women would search men’s profiles based on the criteria they were looking for in a man then contact the one’s that interested them most. After spending time on these sites I’ve realized it usually doesn’t happen like that.

Instead more Latinas browse the members who are currently logged in until they find a guy they would be interesting in contacting. When you log into your account on a site like Latin American Cupid your profile gets placed at the top of the men’s list who are currently online. Your profile drops down the list as more men log in after you. A quick tip is to log out and log back in a few times during your time online on the dating site. Every time you do that the site will put your profile back at the beginning of the list and get you in front of more women.  It only takes a click to log out and if you have your browser set to remember your username and password one click to log back in.

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